A History Of The Development Of The First Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Explorer/Hiker/Guide - Warren Lee (Cactus) Rogers

The First
Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Guide

Photo of Mary E. and Warren L. Rogers, taken by Candice
Rogers-Ivers, the fall of 1975, San Bernardino National Forest.
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This is the initial web page, from the family of the original trail guide, of the Y.M.C.A.'s
Pacific Crest Trail relays, Warren Lee Rogers. Those relays were during the summers of 1935, '36, '37 and '38.

The following are a few of Warren's efforts:

He served as Executive Secretary to the Pacific Crest Trail Systems Conference, 1932- 1957.
He promoted the PCT on radio, in the Los Angeles area, during the 1950's.
He appeared on the Art Linkletter show, during the 1950's.
He founded Camp Research Foundation, Inc.
He was publisher of Western Camping Magazine, 1960 - 1964.
He was publisher of Camp Director's Digest, 1964 - 1967.
He worked feverishly to make certain the PCT was included in the 1968 National Scenic Trails Act.
He was appointed to the Pacific Crest Trail Advisory Council, and served over sixteen years.
He hosted Mike Edwards of the June 1971 National Geographic story on the PCT. That story mentions a small portion of his PCT contributions.
He founded the Pacific Crest Club, 1971 - 1988.
He founded the Pacific Crest Trail Association, 1977 - current.

One note about Mary E. Rogers, our wondrous mother, sense their marriage on December 30, 1945 she worked right along side Warren in total support of all his activities.

We are continuing the sixty year journey our parents, Mary and Warren Rogers, took in the establishment, development, maintaining, and bringing to the public's attention the many wonders of God's country, the PCT.

However, the first order of business is to contact any and all persons who can help us to fill in the information gaps, about Mary and Warren Rogers, so we may complete the autobiography, he was writing just before his death. His autobiography/biography will have a section devoted to those who have interesting stories about either Mary or Warren.

We know there are thousands of people our parents helped with their adventures on the PCT. Or, maybe his adventures with the YMCA at Alhambra, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Portland, or Seattle. Or, knew of their life long friendship with the late Bishop Donald H. Tippet. If you would like to contribute to this labor of love, please feel free to contact us at either of the below addresses.

Our regular mailing address is:

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