The Rogers' Collection of the some of the letters, to and from Clinton C. Clarke, related to his efforts to make the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) a national treasure.

The Warren Lee Rogers' family is proud to present

"Clarke's Letters"


"The Rogers' Collection"

The world's first display of some of the letter's from the 1930s and 1940s from the world's largest known collection of the early work of Clinton C. Clarke's efforts to make the Pacific Crest Trail System (PCTS)
a national treasure to be saved and enjoyed for generations to come.

1997 Donald Lee Rogers, all rights reserved.
These historical documents are being provided here for the immediate online viewing, research, and historical reference for the sole purpose of maintaining a central Internet Web Site for the preservation of the early history of the development of the Pacific Crest Trail Systems, now referred to as the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail.
Any downloading, copying, reproducing, electronic transmitting by any means or device is strictly prohibited without written prior permission from Donald Lee Rogers.
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Letters to, and from, Clinton C. Clarke.

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