The Family of Warren Lee Rogers, Jr.

is proud to present

Warren Rogers with 1930's
homemade P.C.T. backpack. Warren Rogers on P.C.T. during 1930's.

Warren Lee Rogers'
Pacific Crest Trail Homepage.

Warren Rogers on the P.C.T. during 1930's with homemade backpack far right ---->

Patch Commemorating the Historic Development of the PCT.

"May your Pacific Crest Adventures be greater than your dreams."
Warren Lee Rogers

U.S. Forest Service Plaque to Rogers and Clarke.
County of Los Angeles' National Trails Day Declaration. - (Very large JPG files.)
Letter from former President Bush, June 7, 1997.

Picture of Mary and Warren Rogers, 1975.
The 1991 Walker Pass Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.
Warren Lee Rogers, 60 years of history developing the P.C.T..

A historic retrospect of the early history of the P.C.T..
Clarke's letters from "The Rogers' Collection". 1997 Donald Lee Rogers
Large down loadable 1945 map of the P.C.T.. - (Very large JPG files.)

People who love the P.C.T.. - (Are you among them? If you love the P.C.T. you can join.)
Warren and people who knew him. - (If you knew Warren, you can join them.)

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